215 Frosted

215 Frosted

Colour: White

Clarity: Translucent

  • Will reduce heat and save energy
  • For residential and commercial use
  • Adhesive free decorative film
  • Fingerprint & smudge resistant
  • Cleans easily with soap & water
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Frosted glass window film to add privacy to windows and glass doors without darkening the room. Frosted glass films provide privacy from prying eyes day and night.

Frosted films create a translucent privacy that allows for a very indistinct view of things near the glass.
Frosted is opaque and provides maximum privacy.

Frosted glass films are the easy, Do-It-Yourself way to add the decorative elegance of frosted glass to any plain glass surface; windows, glass doors, shower enclosures, mirrors, glass tables, cabinet doors and more. These Frosted films contain a finely ground glass dust that recreates the beautiful shimmer and sparkle of expensive frosted glass. You will enjoy energy savings, reduced heat, filtered UV rays and Frosted are ideal for residential and commercial properties.

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(4' X 165' SQFT), (4' X 50' SQFT), (5' X 165' SQFT), (5' X 50' SQFT), Bundle: 2 Rolls (4' X 165'), Bundle: 2 Rolls (5' X 165'), Bundle: 2 Rolls (5' X 50'), Bundle: 3 Rolls (4' X 50')